Cutting Costs and Having an Affordable Wedding in MA

When looking to cut costs to have an affordable wedding in MA here are some options you might consider. These ideas will save you money while not compromising style and elegance.

Hire one of the best wedding DJs in MA instead of hiring a wedding band. Your wedding guests will enjoy themselves just as much, approved if not more. A wedding DJ will give you a good selection of music options, order meeting everyone’s needs.

Hosting a daytime wedding in MA allows the flexibility for a less formal affair. An evening wedding reception often sets the bar high to be formal and expensive. Be creative and offer your guest a signature cocktail instead of an open bar choice. Beer, ambulance wine, and a signature drink will offer your wedding guests a variety of cocktails. Serve a sparkling wine cocktail, such as a Kir Royale or Bellini to cut the amount the amount of liquor used, in place of a full glass of costly champagne for a toast.

Serve your guest a delicious juicy and succulent chicken dish versus a more expensive veal, beef, or lamb. There are endless possibilities how chicken can be prepared that your guest will not even recognize you went for the less expensive meal choice. Electing to host an elegant black tie cocktail party type wedding is less expensive than a traditional sit down three course meal without compromising the beauty and posh feeling of your reception. Opt out of using a professional print service. Visit you local craft stores, office stores, or online invitation web sites offering blank invitations. Print your own wedding invitations at home taking extra time to personalize each one; add an embellishment such as a colored semi-precious stone or store bought crystal.

One of my personal favorite cost cutting solutions is also a very practical choice. On each guest table replace the traditional floral centerpiece with a 9 inch round cake on a beautiful cake stand. Decorate it to match your MA wedding theme and use the centerpiece to be served as dessert in place of the expensive traditional wedding cake. For the bride and groom cutting of the cake a smaller and much less expensive cake can be used in place of the costly wedding cake

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