Barn and Country Wedding Venues in MA

Let us leave the coast and explore what else Massachusetts has to offer a couple looking for the perfect wedding or reception venue.  When you start driving down the back roads of MA you  will be met with picturesque fields of green, this web dotted with horses, order and  vibrant colors of the many Cranberry bogs throughout the reign.   Old farms houses surrounded with wildflowers, or cultivated gardens, fruit orchards with their trees in bloom with beautiful flowers and fragrance. Green lawns that lead down to the gazebo nestled next to the sparkling pond.  There is a wide verity of country setting for a couple to choose from if you are having a wedding in Massachusetts. 

Is a country wedding right for you, that is a question that only you can answer.  However, I would like to dispel some misconceived  ideas people may have about “country” weddings.    Having a country wedding will not in any way, keep you from having a formal, elegant wedding.  Most country venues are renovated farm houses, that offer you all of the amenities that you would find in a five star resort, or hotel.  MA wedding venues and reception venues have to fit a couples tastes, not everyone will look at an open green  field and see their perfect wedding setting.  Finding the perfect wedding venue is the hardest part of wedding planning, unless you have had to spot chosen for years.  Do not despair there is help out there for you.

No matter your taste you can find one of the perfect wedding venues in MA to make your dreams come true.

This article was written by Lillian McWilliams, the Creative Director and Owner of Lily’s Events from West Wareham, MA.

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