Boston Wedding Gift Bag Ideas

There is something about going to an event and getting a gift bag full of goodies, I can’t help get excited just thinking about it.  If you are having your wedding in the Boston area, welcoming your wedding guests with a Boston welcome gift bag is a great idea.  Boston a town that is filled with history, sports, great food and has the best shopping around.  Keep in mind you don’t have to break the wedding bank to put together an amazing welcome gift bag for your guests.

When it comes to gathering stuff for your gift bags all it takes is a little imagination, and some of the right sources. For all you Bostonians getting married in Massachusetts, you hit the gift bag lottery.  The places and items to add are endless!

Taking in consideration a few things like season, theme, duration of your guests stay, and location; you can assemble the best goodie bag for everyone!

If you are having a winter wedding in Massachusetts, below is a list of items you can add to your bags in the winter months:

  • Chap Stick
  • Hand warmers
  • Hot coco mix
  • Soft pair of mittens

Most of these products are inexpensive and you can get at most supermarkets, and dollar stores or at on-line stores like or

If you are getting married in July, I would include products that would suit the guests for that time of year.  Below are some ideas for summer weddings:

  • Travel size sun screen
  • Lip balm
  • Flip flops – A great place to purchase inexpensive flip flops in most colors is at your local Old Navy
  • Visors

And of course if you are a big sports fan, unlike myself (yes, I said it), you must add something from our very own world series champions The Boston Red Sox!

  • Green monster bites
  • Dipping pretzels
  • Gourmet popcorn
  • Baseball cap
  • Game schedule

You can get most of these items at some on-line stores  and

I also like to include some of the special and well known attractions to visit such as:

For down time your guests can take a stroll through Boston Common, and shop till they drop on Newbury Street.  That is where you would find me!

Other items I would include are maps, wedding itineraries, restaurant recommendations and other shopping areas.  Many guests that have traveled far and wide to come to your Massachusetts wedding and spend more than one day at your destination, so it’s always helpful to provide them with a list all the different local attractions along with how to get to them.

I suggest utilizing your local Chamber of Commerce to gather all this information. Another great source I almost always use is the wedding venue. If you are getting married at a hotel in Boston, ask your sales director for a promotional package, or if you have hired one of wedding planners in MA they can help too.

Last, but certainly not least, another fun thing to include is candy, candy, and more candy. Not only do I LOVE candy, but it is a great and inexpensive way to fill up the bag and anyone with a sweet tooth will appreciate it.  Coming to Boston you can give them the famous:

  • Gummy lobsters
  • Lobster Lolli Pop
  • Chocolate covered Boston baked beans

If you have any guests that have small children, it is always nice to leave their child a gift.  Click here for great website for finding children’s gifts and Wubbanub pacifiers.  These are some of my favorites to add.  But the other great thing about candy is you can color coordinate to your heart’s content.   Some great local and on-line candy stores I shop at include but are not limited to

I am getting so excited just thinking about all this great stuff for your bag.  Now that you have all your items, you need to put them in something.  My most favorite thing to put everything in is a great canvas bag, you can color coordinate, or add a graphic logo on the bag adds a very nice touch.  A good canvas bag transports nicely and screams Welcome to Boston. They are perfect! Your guest can fill them up with all their souvenirs during their stay and your bag will be a slam dunk!  A few places you can find great canvas bags are:

Good luck with all your wedding planning.  If you have any other suggestions on what to add to the perfect wedding gift bag please let us know.

This article was written by Andrea DeLucia, the Owner of Elegance & Grace Weddings.

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