Hiring MA Wedding Planners

When you hear the word wedding planner the flash of the movie with JLO and Matthew Mc Conaughey may come to your mind. I hate to burst your bubble, page but being a wedding planner is nothing like a romantic comedy. With that being said, sildenafil MA wedding planners are hired for many reasons, and stealing someone’s groom is not one of them!  Some of the reasons why you may want to consider hiring a wedding planner include:

  • Time management
  • Featured venues and other services
  • discounts and deals that you will receive
  • professional guidance

Most couples want someone to assist them with the important details and decisions for their wedding. Now let’s talk real; can every couple afford a wedding planner? No. Are couples able to plan their own dream wedding? Yes!

You can change the oil in your car yourself, but do you? Probably not.  It’s easier to take your car to a shop and pay to have it done properly. Also, you may not have the time to gain the knowledge to do it yourself. The same rules apply to planning your wedding. This brings me to my next point:

Wedding planners are in business to make your life easier. When planning a Boston wedding we will provide you with the most convenient way to locate the specific wedding venues and services that accommodate your taste and budget.

Now let’s talk money Funny how once the proposal is sent out, your wheels start spinning out of control!  Yes, you will most likely spend 10-20% of your wedding budget on a MA wedding planner.  You need to factor in that a wedding planner is going to save you money and more importantly time. There is a lot of time that goes into planning a wedding and time is money!

When you are looking to find and hire wedding venues, caterers, photographers, videographers, florists, etc., you spend a lot of time doing the following:

  • researching
  • negotiating
  • contracting

More importantly you are spending those hard earned money, or your parent’s retirement on what I call the best insurance policy money can buy! That money is to ensure your wedding will be planned and executed with what I like to call the 4C’s:

  • Composure
  • Communication
  • Confrontation
  • Compassion

Why are these important you ask?

Composure– under great pressure you or your significant other may fold, the tears may fall, and what I like call emotional drain will set in.  Your wedding planner is there to pick you up and stay composed at all times.

Communication-you will need someone to translate all your visions and expectations. There will be details of décor and/or arrangements, a good wedding planner will step in and communicate with you, your bridal party, parents, and any other participants. Good communication between everyone is very important.  Everyone involved must know exactly what is expected to do.

Confrontation– this is always dreaded in any situation, but for something as special as a wedding it’s almost voodoo to talk about.  I always hope in all my weddings it won’t happen, but I am realistic enough to know that we are human and not robots! And when it does it’s not the confrontation that is important it’s how it’s handled. When things go wrong a good planner will handle conflict with:

  • Ease
  • Maturity
  • Quickly
  • Good attitude

Compassion– this is the most important one for me, a wedding planner should be your friend someone you can call on for sound advice and guidance. If you planner understands you then there is a mutual trust built like in any relationship we need to know that we are heard and validated. If this is your situation then your wedding should be planned with little to no stress.

Every couple comes to the table with different circumstances and financial situations; you should be treated with care, however this works both ways you have to trust and respect your chosen MA wedding planner. Remember this is your money, but their time you will do no justice to your wedding if you are not being fair to yourwedding planner.  Most wedding planners in MA work from home offices, or they may have a full time job, or family like me, they are not personal slaves! In most cases you will have a contract drawn up before hand so always ask all your questions and address any concerns before signing. Most times it’s not customary to change a contract or agreement after it’s signed.

Most wedding planners in MA like to have clients book them for a full wedding service 6 months to a year in advance. In that time there will be some months where there is little to no contact, however please understand that your wedding planner has not forgotten about you. We know the timeline of tasks and things that need to be done for your day. I would suggest having your planner set up monthly progress meetings, so you feel always in the loop and there is constant communication.

Hire a wedding planner with a clear mind and heart and start to enjoy your wedding journey!

This article was written by Andrea DeLucia, the Owner of Elegance & Grace Weddings.

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