Massachusetts, the destination for your destination wedding

Have you been dreaming of the feeling of sand on your feet as you pledge your love and life to the person you cannot live without? You wedding dream on the beach, purchase is not as far away as you might have thought. Many couples think that having a destination wedding in a tropical location is the best way to cut the budget, and the wedding planning. That is not the case. Destination wedding are harder to plan then domestic weddings. You have the same planning stages with a destination wedding as with a domestic wedding, then you have to add the travel arrangements, passport’s, people being able to afford the travel plans (unless the couple is picking up the travel expense), and the logistics of planning a wedding from thousands of miles away.

There is no reason to try and plan your perfect beach wedding from thousands of miles away. From Gloucester to Provincetown down to Westport, Massachusetts has a vast amount of beach wedding venues to choose from. Many of the Massachusetts state and Town Beaches can be rented for a small permit fee. There are some regulations for using these beaches, and they are public, so you will have to share the beach on your wedding day, but they are perfect for a budget conscience bride. There are also many private waterfront wedding venues in MA to choose from.

Massachusetts has a vast array of wedding venues to choose from, no matter your taste there is something here for you. Next month we will be leaving the coast and moving inland to see what else Massachusetts has to offer brides for their dream weddings.

This article was written by Lillian McWilliams, the Creative Director and Owner of Lily’s Events from West Wareham, MA.

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