Hot Wedding Colors for 2013

One of the most challenging issues facing brides today is determining what colors to incorporate into their wedding.  Everyone has a favorite color so selecting the first color isn’t the problem.  It’s trying to determine what other colors will work harmoniously with that initial color that creates the challenge.  In an effort to help you pull together your color palette, let’s take a look at the hot colors for 2013.

Spring & Summer Wedding Colors for 2013

Over the past few years, tangerine and purple have taken center stage, but in 2013, we’re seeing the designers moving away from those strong colors, to something more subdued.  Think pink, aqua, and peach.  If you prefer stronger colors, consider citrus brights like lemon yellow.   Fashion designers are also moving away from a monochromatic look in favor of rich damasks, stripes, and vintage floral prints.  Let’s take a look at how you can incorporate those colors and patterns into your design scheme.


Nile blue damask. Photo Credit – Visual Image Photography


Champagne Pink Floral Photo Credit – Ambient Lighting and Design

Citrus Yellow and navy blue stripe. Photo Credit –


In the first photo we see an aqua blue damask cloth merged with gold and white creating both a warm and elegant table.  Notice the ombre background in the photo on the left and how it makes the blue pop.  When looking at photos, be sure to take in the entire photo for additional color palette ideas. It’s also important to take into consideration the reception space where your color palette will appear.  This can be especially challenging if you’re holding your wedding reception in a hotel ballroom as they often times have rather garish color combinations going on in the carpet. (By the way, want to see this Nile blue damask fabric in person?  It will be showcased along with other great tablescapes at the New England Wedding Professionals A Wedding Workshop on October 3, 2012).

The middle photo depicts a beautiful custom made chair cap combining champagne pink lamour with a floral lace overlay.  It’s these added details that surprise and delight allowing your wedding to stand out in the crowd.  Finally in the last photo, we see a crisp, clean, and sunny look where stripes are incorporated, but in a way where it doesn’t overwhelm the overall design.  Notice that the designer has selected white as the base color allowing the other colors to pop.  When you work with strong colors like yellow, it’s important not to overdo it or the look can easily become chaotic and overwhelming.


Fall & Winter Colors for 2013

Once again, we’re seeing colors softened from what was seen just a few years ago.  For a fall wedding think in terms of moss green, terracotta, and mustard yellow.  So many brides love the idea of a fall wedding, but they don’t want to resort to gourds, pumpkins, and leaves for their design decor.  Below you will see  one way to incorporate these hot colors without going the pumpkin route.

Photo Credit –

For winter, you won’t find a single red on the hot colors list for 2013, but you will see lots of different shades of blue, lavender, and fuschia.  These are perfect colors for a winter wedding, offering just a hint of chic coolness to your wedding reception without having the look get too icy.

Photo Credit – Nancy 2 Thumb

The bottom line though where color is concerned, is that you love the colors you’ve chosen.  If your favorite color isn’t on the hot list, it doesn’t mean you should send it packing.  At the end of the day, your wedding is about you and your beloved.  My best advice to you is to pick a color that makes you feel happy and joyous.  That’s really what a wedding is all about.  All of the rest is just icing on the cake (in the color of your choice of course).

Until next time, happy planning everybody.




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