Why It Makes Sense to Work with a MA Wedding Vendor Network

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According to the Wedding Report, there are over 500,000 vendors providing a broad range of services in the wedding industry today. That’s an overwhelming number or service providers to consider and ultimately select from for your wedding. Choosing the right mix of vendors is as important as selecting the right details to include in your wedding. You need to find vendors who have the ability to work seamlessly and cooperatively with one another. One way to accomplish that goal, is to select vendors who all belong to the same professional network or association.

Vendors who know each other and more importantly trust each other, are free to do their best work. The Photographer and Videographer for example who have worked together before, understand each other’s style and they share space equally. You won’t find the wedding Photographer getting the best shot by getting in the way of the Videographer or the Videographer stepping on the Photographer’s toes in an effort to get the best video footage. A Wedding Planner who works frequently with the same Florist or Uplighting team, can create magic and take your wedding vision to even greater heights because they completely understand and appreciate what the other Professional brings to the table.

Happy Gatherings Photography

When your vendors all belong to the same Professional Association, they are more inclined to bring their A+++ game to your wedding. They are motivated to give you the best because your wedding provides them with an opportunity to showcase their best work as a team on their association website (with your permission of course). That means that you not only receive quality service, but also get a little extra here and there because those vendors know that their work is going to be displayed in more places than just their personal websites. Essentially you’re giving them every reason to put their best foot forward which is a win-win scenario for you in particular.

These same vendors also most likely have a preferred relationship with one another which translates into savings for you. In my case, many of the members of my group, New England Wedding Professionals, Inc. offer my clients under contract, either a discount on their services or an add on service of some kind that you wouldn’t normally receive if you weren’t my client. It’s not unusual for my vendors to offer my clients anywhere from 10% to 25% off their normal pricing. Why do they do this? There’s really two answers to that question. The first is they want the business of course, but the second reason isn’t quite as obvious to the uninitiated bride or groom. They want to work with you, because you’re working with me. They know me well and trust that I will make life easy for them because I’m helping to guide you through the wedding process. Peace of mind is a powerful tool not only for you, but also for your vendors.

Happy Gatherings Photography

Happy Gatherings Photography

You may be asking the question, “What if I only like a few of the members in one of these associations and I really want to hire a vendor who isn’t a part of that particular networking team?” It’s important for you to know that you are always the final arbiter of which vendors you choose to work with, but looking at the vendors in a particular association first, is a great way to start the selection process.

If you’re planning on getting married in New England or Massachusetts in particular, there are three outstanding networking groups that you should take a closer look at. In the Boston area, consider the Boston Wedding Group, www.BostonWeddingGroup.com. In Southeastern MA, take a look at the 495 Group, www.495weddinggroup.com and for a group that handles all of New England, consider New England Wedding Professionals, Inc., www.NEWPweddings.com.

Stay tuned for more on this topic later this year when I showcase Nina and Sean’s wedding where fourteen members of New England Wedding Professionals, Inc. will be bringing their A+++ game to their stunning wedding at Rosecliff Mansion in Newport, RI this June.

In the meantime, happy wedding planning everybody and we’ll talk again soon.


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