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The perfect bridesmaid is one who is readily available to take on any task presented by their bride, pills with a smile on their face and the willingness to complete the task at the best of their ability.  Being a bridesmaid is a large task, nurse but is one that should be performed with honor and dignity and can be a stress-free experience if it’s looked at the right way!

That being said, web we want to make sure that every bride shows their bridesmaids the appreciation they deserve for all of their hard work.  We have come up with interesting, unique ideas for the perfect bridesmaid gift to show your girls how much you really care!

Customized wine glasses are a fun gift to give your right-hand girls.  These can be customized with their names, your wedding date, pictures of their dresses, or even a big “Thank You!”.  These are something that you can use as a DIY project that won’t put a bigger dent in your wallet, or have custom made.   To go along with this bridesmaid gift, brides can also include their bridesmaid’s favorite bottle of wine and a board game that everyone can play together at a future girl’s night in!

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Personalized tote bags are fairly inexpensive and show that you’ve put thought into your bridesmaid’s gifts & didn’t just purchase a generic tote from your local store.  These can be personalized with their initials, your wedding date, or even a personal quote to show them your appreciation for them.  Totes can then be filled with fun little memories and gifts such as movie night themed gifts or a “wedding day survival kit”, filled with essentials such as nail files, clear nail polish, hair spray, bobby pins, lip gloss and breath mints.  In addition to these personalized tote bags, your groomsmen can also receive personalized can cozies or belts that they can use on the day of your wedding.  These gifts would be conventional for use on your wedding day, but would also let them relive the incredible day itself!

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Customized hangers are also a very unique gift for bridesmaids.  There are multiple companies out there that create this sort of thing and are fairly inexpensive to buy.  You’re probably thinking “what in the world would my bridesmaids do with a hanger with their name on it?”, but imagine the possibilities.  Picture all of their bridesmaid dresses hanging on their customized hanger in your bridal suite with natural light beaming around it.  What a perfect opportunity for a photograph that will bring everyone back to your amazing day!

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Other unique bridesmaid gift ideas could include necklaces or bangles with your bridesmaid’s initials on them, spa day plans, a gift certificate to a local boutique, or tickets to a dinner theater or concert coming to town!  No one knows your bridesmaids as well as you do, so play off of their interests and passions while choosing gifts for them and make sure they come straight from the heart!


What unique ways have you been thanked for all of your hard work as part of a bridal party?



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