How Uplighting can enhance your MA Wedding

Have you ever watched those television shows where they transform a boring hotel ballroom into a fairy tale reception space?  One way they accomplish that is through professional uplighting.

As is true of many things in life, not all uplighting is created equal and part of my job as a MA Wedding Planner, is to help you understand the difference.  There are many wedding professionals out there that package uplighting in with the other services that they offer.  It seems like an affordable way to get this feature incorporated into your wedding, but the end result may be lacking. Yes, there will be color on your walls, but will the walls be washed in light and will that lighting be strategically placed to create the best effect?  Uplighting is an art form and to get the optimal effect, you really need to hire an expert in the field.  Further, you want someone who will be on duty throughout the entire reception who will be reading the audience at all times and adjusting the lighting to create the perfect ambiance. This will not only enhance the overall wedding experience for both you and your guests, it will make your wedding an affair to remember.

Let’s take a look at a few photos together starting with the one below of the room bathed in red and purple lighting.  Now take a look at the carpet in the room.  Do you see how a professional in the area of uplighting, takes what already exists in the room and enhances it even further?  In order to accomplish this, your lighting professional needs to understand your vision fully and they need to understand the space where your wedding will take place.  They also need to communicate with your Florist, and your Wedding Planner if you’ve hired one.  In other words, it needs to be a team effort to pull this look together so that all of your design components work in harmony with one another.

Now let’s look at the photo of the staircase below.  Here Andrea Duvall of Ambient Lighting Designs has used six lighting fixtures to create a visual masterpiece.  Now in your mind’s eye, take two or four of those lighting fixtures away and try to imagine the space without them.  Yes you’ll have color on the wall, but it won’t be as breathtaking.  These are the little details that take your event to the next level and the cost to you is only a few hundred dollars more than if you purchased a packaged product elsewhere.

Now let’s look at the photo below where your flowers are concerned.  Here a beautiful centerpiece becomes a work of art thanks to the attention to detail brought to your wedding by a lighting professional.  See how the flowers just pop out of the photo at you and how you now can see the detail in the floral design?  Without that lighting, that centerpiece would have just been a pretty but unremarkable grouping of flowers.  You pay a lot of money for your flowers.  Uplighting helps make them stand out and shine.

Uplighting is so much more than just placing a few colored lights around the perimeter of a room. You deserve to work with a professional who understands this.  It creates the ambiance and sets the mood that helps take your wedding from the ordinary, to the extraordinary.  Do yourself a favor and talk with an uplighting expert who actually has a degree in theatrical lighting design.  You’ll be so glad that you did when you see how spectacular your reception space looks on your wedding day.


Photos courtesy of Andrea Duvall of Ambient Lighting Designs

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